Oily Shack – 1972 Airstream Renovation

In the spring of 2015 (4/6/15), I purchased a 1972 Airstream Land Yacht for $2500.  For it’s age, it looks amazing!  This small investment could be the outlet to a lot of fun memories of traveling. Plus, I just love vintage!  I could bring it back to life for the family to enjoy.

I found the Airstream on CraigsList.com, purchased it, and drove it home (about 45 miles) with my Nissan Pathfinder, all on my own.  No one knew what I had done until I drove up with this amazing blast from the past!  Needless to say, the family was a little shocked!

The 31′ aluminum home on wheels has a kitchen, living room, 2 twin beds, and a bathroom with a tub/shower.  It has all of the original awnings.  No leaks!

It had been used as a ‘home’ for someone while they were rebuilding from a burned down house.  So, supposedly everything works. I just don’t know because I’ve not tried to use it.

I immediately removed the original green and orange shag carpet, burned the mattresses, and wiped everything down .  We connected it to power and the air conditioner works amazingly well!  The lights work too.  I have not tried out the appliances or the plumbing.

The vintage RV sat in my yard for several months as I tried to find someone who could do a little work on it for me.  I wanted someone who specialized in Airstreams.  They are few and far between!   I ended up using a standard RV shop and paid to have it made “road worthy”.  I spent another $2500 for the new tires, breaks, and such.

Again, it sits untouched for several months.  The dream just….sits.  All of that changed on March 10, 2016.  Check out my blog!

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