Airstream Renovation Timeline

04.06.15- Purchased Sterling– 1972 Airstream Land Yacht for $2,500.00

04.11.15- Purchased Hopkins 47595 7 RV Blade to 7-Way Pin Type Adapter from Amazon.  Cost:  $19.08

04.15.15- Purchased hitch ball, mount, and a trailer jack at Tractor Supply.  Cost:  $65.68

04.15.15- Purchased Equal-i-zer 90001000 Equalizer Hitch.  Cost: $503.40

07.13.15- Work to make it road worthy by Camping World.  Cost:  $2,586.27

03.08.16- Dream Envisioned.  Cost:  FREE- Dreams are free!

03.10.16- Demolition Day- dream is put into action!

03.12.16- Sanding started on the endcap and walls are primed

03.26.16- Foundation repairs to the front area

03.30.16- Awning work and inspection

04.03.16- Traded in the twins for a DIY pull-out.  Cost:   $40.30



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