Shade and Covering

Restoring my Airstream in the middle of an Alabama summer is hotter than two squirrels in a wool sock.  So, what do you do?  You break down and buy a shelter.  I’ll need it later when this bad boy is all polished up!  

I did so much research and finally found one that didn’t cost me an arm or a leg and was the size I needed.  

The instructions were not the best and it took a little bit of trial and error, but after about 4 hours spread over 2 days, we got the frame completed. 

There were 4 leg base pieces that were not drilled properly. I will be requesting replacements. 

Overall, pleased to date. 

Only complaint- paying $300 for shipping!   Bought it from Menard’s (not one anywhere near Alabama). 

Details: ShelterLogic® RoundTop® 14′ x 32′ x 12′ Instant Shelter, Gray, Model Number: 62669

Cost: $899 plus tax and shipping 


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