How to Download and Save Facebook videos

You are bent over laughing until you’re crying. Or you find that a video is inspiring.

How can you share this with others who are not on Facebook?

Here’s the easy how to video!

Once you save the video, you can upload to YouTube or Vimeo or send via email. Free for all on your choice of delivery. I’m fond of saving to Dropbox!


Don’t Try To Be A Hero

We grow up wanting to be a hero. But in reality, it’s probably not a great idea and I’ll tell you why.  Watch this short video!  I’ll leave you with a funny. 

It Fits and I’m Ecstatic 

We have worked to construct the awning/covering/garage for the huge Airstream. Even though we measured in advance, I was still very nervous if it would fit comfortably inside. The awning rounds at the top and I was scared that there would not be enough headspace toward the top sides. 

It took 4 of us to pick it up and move it into the desired location. Now for the moment of truth- backing the Airstream in. Since I’m still new to transporting it, it took guidance from my dad. Left, right, cut the wheels, no the other way…..but we did it!  

Fits perfect!  We will cover it with my dad’s old pool cover while my son works to polish the outside. I don’t want to tarnish up the new covering right off. 

Restoration continues. 

Shade and Covering

Restoring my Airstream in the middle of an Alabama summer is hotter than two squirrels in a wool sock.  So, what do you do?  You break down and buy a shelter.  I’ll need it later when this bad boy is all polished up!  

I did so much research and finally found one that didn’t cost me an arm or a leg and was the size I needed.  

The instructions were not the best and it took a little bit of trial and error, but after about 4 hours spread over 2 days, we got the frame completed. 

There were 4 leg base pieces that were not drilled properly. I will be requesting replacements. 

Overall, pleased to date. 

Only complaint- paying $300 for shipping!   Bought it from Menard’s (not one anywhere near Alabama). 

Details: ShelterLogic® RoundTop® 14′ x 32′ x 12′ Instant Shelter, Gray, Model Number: 62669

Cost: $899 plus tax and shipping