Firstborn Rivet

Should I send out announcements?  You know, like those when you give birth to your firstborn  or sign your life away on a new home.

I’m not afraid to do hard things.  I’ll try almost anything as long as it doesn’t break the law or involve snakes.  I’m a trial and error girl.  But, this whole rivet thing kinda had me wigged out.  So what do I do?  I go to my number one resource of knowledge…..YouTube (runner up is Google). I watched a few videos on how to use a rivet gun.  Forget all of the Airstream forums and videos.  I needed to understand this rivet gun concept.

Here I am trying to cover up some small areas of rust in my belly pan, yes holes, and they want me to drill another hole to install a rivet?  There’s so much to learn!  What kind of rivet gun do I buy, and you mean there are rivets made from different materials?  What material do I use to patch and which sealer do I buy?  After a stop or two to Home Depot (who no longer sells rivet guns), I ended up with a rivet gun from Auto Zone.  It came with 5 rivets of 4 different sizes.  Instructions on the packaging could have been a little better.  Thankfully, my teacher (YouTube) was able to get me going in the right direction.  While at Auto Zone, I had picked up an extra box of aluminum rivets.  I knew they needed to be 1/8″ according to what I had read from my “cry for help” post in Facebook.  Uh, no one told me there were different sizes as far as length or span of rivet that comes together.  I found this out later, the hard way.

I think that I have everything I need to get started:

  • Aluminum sheeting/flashing- got this from Home Depot in the roofing aisle.  You’ll need scissors or tin snips to cut it.
  • Scissors for cutting aluminum flashing and opening the caulk
  • Rivet Gun
  • Rivets- aluminum and 1/8″
  • Drill with drill bits to match the size of your rivets.  Extra battery for the drill.
  • Caulk- I’m not a pro on what to use.  I ended up with some clear waterproof stuff and hope this works.  I couldn’t get a consensus from the forums.
  • Nail to stop up the caulk hole when done so that I could use it again later.
  • Phone to record this monumental moment.

That’s about it, right?  I have it all laid out and ready to go then realize that I forgot the caulk gun.  Another trip back to the house a few blocks away, then back to the land where my Sterling is parked.  Now I’m ready.  I’ve got to do this!  I mean, what’s the worse damage that I can do to my Oily Shack?

How did it go?  I’ll let you watch for yourself.  Just click here to see my snapchat recap!




Before I can continue with this job, I need more rivets….like in bulk!  I can see me using this thing all over the place!  #rivetlover #donehardthings #rivetsuccess



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