It was really scary!

I took a little trip to Walmart during my lunch break.  What I saw was horrendous!  Luckily, I was able to catch it all on video!  Watch it here!  You could be a victim to this madness!



Ohhhh Murphy!

Accidents happen, right?  Don’t cry over spilled milk, or so they say.  Well, what about an incident that caused the mother of a furry friend to think she was involved in a crime scene?

Let me show you what happened to a cute lovable furry friend named Murphy!  Click here!

If you want to know more about this little secret weapon to keep your animals, or kids, out of the doghouse with these incidents, you can check out my website!

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Firstborn Rivet

Should I send out announcements?  You know, like those when you give birth to your firstborn  or sign your life away on a new home.

I’m not afraid to do hard things.  I’ll try almost anything as long as it doesn’t break the law or involve snakes.  I’m a trial and error girl.  But, this whole rivet thing kinda had me wigged out.  So what do I do?  I go to my number one resource of knowledge…..YouTube (runner up is Google). I watched a few videos on how to use a rivet gun.  Forget all of the Airstream forums and videos.  I needed to understand this rivet gun concept.

Here I am trying to cover up some small areas of rust in my belly pan, yes holes, and they want me to drill another hole to install a rivet?  There’s so much to learn!  What kind of rivet gun do I buy, and you mean there are rivets made from different materials?  What material do I use to patch and which sealer do I buy?  After a stop or two to Home Depot (who no longer sells rivet guns), I ended up with a rivet gun from Auto Zone.  It came with 5 rivets of 4 different sizes.  Instructions on the packaging could have been a little better.  Thankfully, my teacher (YouTube) was able to get me going in the right direction.  While at Auto Zone, I had picked up an extra box of aluminum rivets.  I knew they needed to be 1/8″ according to what I had read from my “cry for help” post in Facebook.  Uh, no one told me there were different sizes as far as length or span of rivet that comes together.  I found this out later, the hard way.

I think that I have everything I need to get started:

  • Aluminum sheeting/flashing- got this from Home Depot in the roofing aisle.  You’ll need scissors or tin snips to cut it.
  • Scissors for cutting aluminum flashing and opening the caulk
  • Rivet Gun
  • Rivets- aluminum and 1/8″
  • Drill with drill bits to match the size of your rivets.  Extra battery for the drill.
  • Caulk- I’m not a pro on what to use.  I ended up with some clear waterproof stuff and hope this works.  I couldn’t get a consensus from the forums.
  • Nail to stop up the caulk hole when done so that I could use it again later.
  • Phone to record this monumental moment.

That’s about it, right?  I have it all laid out and ready to go then realize that I forgot the caulk gun.  Another trip back to the house a few blocks away, then back to the land where my Sterling is parked.  Now I’m ready.  I’ve got to do this!  I mean, what’s the worse damage that I can do to my Oily Shack?

How did it go?  I’ll let you watch for yourself.  Just click here to see my snapchat recap!




Before I can continue with this job, I need more rivets….like in bulk!  I can see me using this thing all over the place!  #rivetlover #donehardthings #rivetsuccess