Tiring, It’s Very Tiring Camping World

When you are new to RV’ing or making a purchase of an RV, you are at the mercy of others to help you learn the ropes.  You have to read a lot!

When I bought my vintage Airstream, I knew that it needed work.  I immediately joined Air Forums and read tons of posts.  One thing that was important to me, was making Sterling (my Airstream as I fondly call it), road worthy.  I wanted to know that regardless of the inside condition, I could tow the massive 31′ home on wheels with a sense of security. Sure, accidents can happen no matter the condition, but I needed to do what I could to prevent damage to the RV, my vehicle, me or my family, or other property or people nearby by making sure that it had good tires and breaks.

With a huge location in a nearby town, Camping World seemed to be a reasonable choice for my repairs.  I called ahead and spoke to them in detail about what I was looking for.  There are some repairs that I wanted done that they would not agree to (such as removing the hanging black water tank).   However, we proceeded with the work to get it road worthy.

My work order with Camping World was completed on 5/29/15.  $2,586.27 later I had the following….

camping world.png

Why only one bearing buddy?

So why talk about this now?  Well, being a newbie, I didn’t notice the type of tire used, or the fact that tire valve stems were never replaced, or the fact that lug nuts were missing.  I also didn’t realize that wires were left hanging underneath my RV.  Only till recent plumbing work to remove the black water tank, did I come to know any of this.  The man that worked on my RV for the plumbing work was able to bring all of this to light.  It wasn’t just this man’s word, it was confirmed with Goodyear, Gamble’s Automotive, and another Camping World location that the “P-metric” tires are not recommended for my RV.  So, it HAS been a year.  Doesn’t matter if it had been 6 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years.  Camping World needs to make this right!

Why would I want a tire that is made for a small car that cost twice as much?  

After calling Camping World and talking to Jonathan (Service Manager), he said that when they looked up the recommended tires in their system, this was the tires that came up and that these are the ones they had in stock.  He also said that they have a third party that does their tire work.  No apology.  He said I got what I needed.

I told him of my findings and asked if he would install such a tire on his personal RV.  After stuttering, he said yes.  I didn’t feel convinced whatsoever.  I also told him (Jonathan) that they had my RV for many weeks and could have ordered the tire that I truly needed to make it road worthy.  Instead, I got an overpriced tire that is sure to un-deliver.  Their third party provider is not my issue.  They are liable for them.  I stand behind the fact that this tire is not what I should have received.

  • 5/17/16:  A month after my initial call to Camping World with my complaint, I decided to call Camping World Retail Customer Service with my official complaint (1-800-626-3636).  They said that a manager would call me within 48 hours.
  • 5/18/16:  Jonathan (Service Manager at the Calera location) from Camping World called and his words were:  “I talked to you a month ago and this was resolved”.
    • NO, this was not resolved.
    • Jonathan asked for all of my documentation.  I sent several emails to him with copies of documentation on tires that should be used, written notes from a conversation that Glenn (plumber guy) had with Goodyear, pictures of my tires and old valve stems and missing lug nuts.  Jonathan then asked for my invoice from Gamble’s Automotive.  The work was still being done at that time so I did not have it till a few days later and it was emailed to him then (5/23/16).  CRICKETS!  Nothing.  No call back.  No resolution.
  • 5/25/16:  I called Jonathan and left 2 messages with him that I wanted a call back.  No response.
  • 5/27/16:  I called Retail Customer Service back again to report that I still had no resolution and no call back.  They said that they showed a note in the system that Jonathan requested documentation but had not received it to date.  I had sent Jonathan the emails and even have replies and questions back from him.  Not sure why he would report such a thing.  Within minutes of hanging up (after they documented my call and rebuttal), Jonathan calls me to ask what the problem is and that he stands behind the work that was done.  This call was VERY heated.  I am not backing down from this issue.  I want to return the tires (with only 70 miles on them) and I was to be reimbursed for the tires and the labor.  Jonathan sent a follow up email stating that they were wrong in not replacing the tire valve stems and that he would send me a $25 check.  I told him that he should keep that check that I wasn’t done yet.
    • No apology during any of these calls with Jonathan.  Also, we started about 6 months ago (from this date) as the Service Manager.  They have a lot of turn over from what I’m seeing and hearing.  Wonder why?  hmmmm……
  • 5/27-5/30/16- I went on vacation.
    • NOTE:  Jonathan called and left a message for me.  I have not returned his call.  I refuse to deal with him anymore and will only talk to his manager.
  • 6/1/2016- returned Camping World’s call and asked for Frank Mullins. He is on vacation until next Monday. I decided to go ahead and speak to Jonathan.  Jonathan said that he had spoke to Frank Mullins and they would like to offer me a $200 gift card to Camping World and me keep the tires.   I told Jonathan that I would wait until Mr. Mullins returns to the office next week to discuss this matter with him.   Note:  I’m not interested in this deal.
  • STORY TO BE CONTINUED……..it’s all about principle now.  Not the money.  I’m making it my mission to get the word out about their poor service.  Oddly enough, there are many complaints on their Facebook Page.  I should have read those last year before going there.  I’ve added such complaints on Facebook, as well as Yelp.  #missionovermoney

Anyone want to buy 4 new tires?  Barely used and in excellent condition.  If you have a small car, they would be perfect!IMG_7929.JPG

Camping World in Anniston Alabama wouldn’t even suggest a P-Metric tire (per phone call). Here’s my quote I received from them:


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