Publicly Exposed!

Over 86% of cancer is caused by environmental factors that WE bring on ourselves and to our family.  These include tobacco smoke, poor nutrition, physical activity, environmental carcinogens, etc.  This means that only 14% of cancer is hereditary.  We tend to believe that because our grandparents had it, we will get it.  It’s just ‘in our blood’.  It may be in your blood, but who put it there is the real question!

I am not one to dwell on regrets, but I do have one that’s been weighing on my mind a lot lately!  I don’t know about you, but I regret not providing a toxic free home to my children (those sweet male humans of my flesh and blood that I love more than life itself).  I regret not reading the thousands of labels (that I purchased with my hard earned money) to see just how many carcinogens were included….you know, the ingredients that the FDA approved as acceptable and I agreed it was okay to consume.  It’s my fault!  I exposed them to such horrible toxins.  I even went to the extent of rewarding them with trips to get fast food, all laden with ‘oses’ and ‘phates’ and ‘lates’ (and this is not a coffee from Starbucks).  Those ingredients that are not raised or grown.  God didn’t provide any of those ingredients in Day 1 through 6.  Just sayin’.

We tend to go through life accepting what is before us without question.  We wait until we are sick and then we depend on the doctor to fix us up.  We again get into a robot mentality and take the shot then buy the prescriptions (again with our hard earned money), all without question.  It’s approved by the regulating bodies of the Federal government, so it should be okay, right?  WRONG.

When you realize that there is truly a better way of living, you get fed up enough to take action.  You take responsibility and become proactive.  You don’t accept the norm.  You stop making fun of all of the tree huggers and don’t mind being called a naturalist, environmentalist, or hippy yourself.  Call me green, or any other color, I don’t care.

At some point in your life, you have to realize that everything you do has consequences, good or bad.  When you take a bite of food, it helps or hurts your body.  There is no middle ground.  If you can’t pronounce it (or event attempt to memorize the spelling), it’s a good chance that it’s not good for you.  I admit, I sometimes forget if tomato has an ‘e’ on the end or not. Thank goodness for spell check. But I do recognize the fruit/veggie and know who created it.  It wasn’t in a lab.

You work hard.  It’s only fair that you are healthy enough to play hard.  Don’t wait till you are 80 years old and realize that your life is gone to pot with poor health, stress, and ‘living life to the fullest’ was just a dream that never came true.   You do have a choice.  Every dime you hand over to the cashier is paying for choices you made while pushing that germy buggy around.  Stay out of the aisles.  Buy fresh veggies that are organic.  If not organic, wash them well!  Buy local.  Buy fresh meat or lean on your local hunters to help fill the freezer.  Farm.  Dirt don’t hurt.

You eat ‘clean’ already?  Great!  What about your laundry products?  Beauty products?  Start reading every label on every product you use in one day.  You just might be surprised to find that YOU are risking your life and that of your family to exposure to cancer.  When that soap and shampoo runs down your backside, you don’t think that it’s getting into your blood stream?  You do know that your skin is very permeable, right?  Download the app EWG and scan your products to see the toxicity level yourself.   You can also visit their website here.

Hormonal?  Think it’s just because you are aging?  Why is your daughter starting her cycle so early in life?  Toxins are endocrine disrupters.  We bring this on ourselves and to our family (those we love dearly).  Why?  Are we lazy, or just don’t care?  Maybe we just didn’t know.  Now you do!

It can be a lot to purge from your home, but you have a choice to make good choices starting today.  Start with one area and work your way through the house.  Throw away all of the plugins.  That’s an easy start.  I don’t know about you, but every time I went to throw away a toxin laden product, all I saw was money in the trash can.  But you know what, it was one less toxin that could cause cancer within me.  I was raising the bar and and reducing my chances of facing that nasty disease.  I could make a good choice and spend my money on safe products.  Buying safe products does not have to be expensive.  Again, it’s just making good choices.

Start today!  In a year from now, you’ll be glad you did.  No regrets.

Here are a few videos of how to make toxic-free products that are less expensive than the standard toxic filled products in the stores:

I’d love to help you make a change for future with wellness in mind.  It’s all about prevention!  Living life to the fullest can be a dream come true!  Now wake up and get busy!

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One thought on “Publicly Exposed!

  1. You ought to get in touch with my friend, Liz (_liz@herbaliz.com_ ( ) who has an herbal business and has been preaching all this for many years. She was my friend, Marion Snead’s (who died) daughter. She now lives right by us and grows many of the herbs she uses in her garden. She’s extremely knowledgeable and went to the first oil class you taught for Krissie and Lauren. Love, Me

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