Motivational Monday (Healthy Eating Habits)

After years of practice (of trying to eat right), I’ve developed 5 things that help me stay motivated in my good eating habits. Sometimes I fail (because I love Edgar’s Bakery), but these basic things are simple and have helped me!

1. Get your mind off of food! Get your hands and body in motion to doing something to keep you busy. The less you think about food, the better off you’ll be. Eat when you are hungry. Don’t eat just because it’s “that” time of day. Just STOP thinking about food. You need to EAT to survive! That’s the purpose of it. Don’t survive to eat. I work with people that come in at 8am talking about what they are going to order for lunch. SERIOUSLY?! Planning is one thing, but letting food RULE your life…that’s different!

2. STOP eating when you are full (eat slow to recognize this point). We were trained to clean our plates because there are starving people in Africa. While that may be true, we don’t send our left overs to Africa. It’s not helping the children in Africa when we clean our plates. STOP THAT MADNESS! Start putting less on your plate. Start using a smaller plate. Stop going back for seconds too!

3. Make a list of foods you LOVE that are ‘approved’. If you eat something and say, “THIS IS SOOO GOOD” (you know where you grunt while chewing), write it on your list. When you get in a rut, refer back to the list and pick that exciting dish that you may have forgotten about. Keep this list with you so when you go to the grocery store, so you can buy the ingredients. When you feel like you are having the same things over and over, go back to the list and pull out that exciting recipe again! You’ll love it again! This will keep you from getting burned out! And another tip: Preparation is key!!!! Don’t be caught without something in your purse to snack on!

4. Think about all that you CAN have. NOT what you CAN’T have! Focus on the goodness that you can engulf yourself in all day long! I like to think of this as one of the shows on Food Network. You know how they have a set basket of ingredients and they can make anything they want with those ingredients? DO THAT! Be creative with your list of approved foods. What all can you come up with from these veggies, protein, cheeses, nuts, etc? Dennis jokes in that I can go to the pantry and fridge and ‘whip’ up a meal with no recipe. I think it’s just from my raising. What spices can you use to change up that chicken dish? What flavors do you enjoy? Make it yours! Don’t be scared to venture out. Don’t forget to write down your recipe once you perfect it. You may think you’ll remember it later…you won’t! Write it down (remember item 3?).

5. Water intake- I noticed a HUGE improvement in how much water I drink when I got my Yeti (the big one). I know it’s dumb, but having the COLD ice water and being able to use my essential oils was huge for me. I also have a stainless steel straw. I like my water cold! I used glass containers for a long time but didn’t like the ‘sweating’ or the melting of the ice. I bought a handle from Amazon and I tote this huge thing EVERYWHERE with me. To every meeting, to the car, to the house, EVERYWHERE! My body now CRAVES water!

A few of my go to’s are:
Cole slaw, deviled eggs, Caprese salad, taco salad (no tacos), roast (with cheese), hamburger steak, steak, shrimp, beef sticks with laughing cow cheese, hot wings, bacon, bacon, bacon, prosciutto wrapped asparagus on the grill, green beans (with ghee, onion and seasoning), grilled chops, baked chicken thighs Mediterranean style (then bone broth with the bones), bacon, boiled eggs, and the list goes on and on……


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