Separation Anxiety

It’s not the first time I’ve dropped Sterling off with a stranger, but it is the hardest.  For the last few weeks, I’ve spent so much time on the renovation.  Today, I feel like I did the day I dropped my kids off for the first time at daycare or Kindergarten.

The black water tank is barely hanging on, so it has to go.  In the 3 prior towing instances, I’ve been fearful that this tank would end up on the interstate in pieces.  It’s time to have it ripped out.  A new portable tank will be installed in it’s place.

My wish list for “Glenn the Camper Guy” (as listed in my phone) looks something like this:

  • Remove the black water tank and install a portable system.
  • After removing the old tank, see why my bathroom floor is hanging down.
  • Get prices on a new bumper with the storage for potty pipes.
  • Check out the electrical and plumbing – I need it to be safe!  Make changes as necessary!
  • Repair the crossed up wires that causes the left turn signal to initiate break action.
  • Find out why my new tires are leaking- one worse than the others.

Then there’s another list of wishes that we decided would just wait.  Like install solar panels, fix the door handle, install a generator, take out the stove and furnace, etc.

Glenn said that this seemed a little overwhelming after we got our heads in the clouds with the wish list.  I brought him back down to the original list…I need to be able to tow the trailer safely and be able to plug it up.  The rest of the stuff can wait.  He was fine with these requests.

Now, how long will this take?  Glenn mentioned 3 weeks but he knows I’m anxious to have it back.  My guess is that he will want to get it off of his lot sooner than later.  I think he will be done in a week.  Maybe I’m just being excessively positive.

On a different note, I’ve been trying to figure out the WBCCI numbers that used to adorn the front cap.  Well today in the sunshine, I could read them… 32835.  Now to find out more about the history of this camper.  Where has it traveled, who all has owned it, who had it the longest, etc.  I’ve emailed WBCCI and am hoping they will come through with some answers.



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