Awww-ning (03/30/16)

3 Blue-striped awnings adorn my ’72 Airstream.  The one on the back-end easily pulled out the day I claimed ownership.  Perfect condition!  Colors are vibrant and there are no tears or worn spots.  The awnings on each long side are a different story.  One was bound up with rope (reason unknown after inspecting) and the other was seized up.

I shimmy up the ladder to undo the bound up arms from deteriorating rope and dry rotted bungee cords.  One of the ropes was knotted and looped and then wrapped around the ventilation box on the top of the camper and then back again to the arm.  Free at last! Since the awning is quite long, I decided to use the removed rope as an extension to the tug strap to make it a little easier to pull down.  I merely looped in the rope.  I set up my phone to capture this moment of truth!  Check it out here!

So it wasn’t so bad after all.  Lot of dark spots to clean and one tiny spot of thinness.  I’ll take that any day of the week!

Now for the other side.  For the seized up awning, I sprayed it down many times with a lubricant.  I beat on it with a hammer.  I tugged and pulled and tugged and pulled.  Nothing.  So, it remained in this state for the last year.  Finally I decided to get to the bottom of this!  I took out the pins that held the awning to the arms.  That was a feat.  I ended up using a flat head screwdriver and a hammer.  I inserted the screwdriver in the loop of the pin and drove the screwdriver in with a hammer.  Then I pulled and pried it back and forth till the pin came out.  The area was way too narrow for me to get my big pliers into the spot and simply pull out the pin.  I had limited tools with me.  After each side was removed, the awning was unrolled for me to check out the condition of the fabric.  PERFECT!  Well, a little dirty, but no holes or tears and it’s as vibrant as the other awning on the back!  The seams are not weak at all!  I propped the awning up on the arms just to see how it would look if it had cooperated with me.  I’ll contact Zip Dee on this 183″ awning issue to see what I do to get this fixed back.  While it’s down, I’ll take time in the next few days to scrub it down.







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