Road Trip

Whether you are headed on vacation, or you are trying to reach a goal, there’s a few things you should consider for your journey (literal or figurative).

Before you go on a road trip, you need to know where you are going. Google maps is a great tool b24c2e4810aaabd703fa931d239063a44ut ONLY if you have a starting point AND a destination. Without either of these locations, it’s going to be really hard to navigate the trip! And don’t you just love the option of being able to pick from various routes? I love to take a back-road. The views are so much more interesting than those from an interstate.

So where are you now?

Where does your trip begin?

Where are you going?

Often, the road-trip to your dream destination is the most dreaded part (behind the task of packing or unpacking). You probably have wished that you could just wiggle your nose and be there. That would be easy, right?! After all, you’re all cooped up in tight quarters with smelly boys/girls for 4 hours. He’s touching me! I suppose I’m a little different in that the ride in the car is just another opportunity to bond with those you are close to. They can’t run out the door or hide in their bedroom. It’s a time to laugh, make up silly games, and stop to get boiled peanuts. Have fun on your road trip!

Imagine that you’re traveling along, enjoying good music with the wind blowing in your hair. Not a care in the world. BAM! The trip comes to a halt. Traffic is at a standstill. Now what? You have options. You can wait it out and hope you don’t have the urge to visit the restroom in the next few hours. Or, you can take a detour and keep moving.

You will NEVER see me sit in a line of cars unless there is NO way to get off of the path (such as on the interstate and there isn’t an exit nearby). Trust me when I say, I will take the first exit or road that I see to keep moving!

Recently I was coming home from a beach trip. I had taken back-roads for the first part of the trip. At one point, I was supposed to get on the interstate to finish my trip home. I was about to get on the interstate when we noticed that the 3 lanes of traffic were completely stopped. I stopped at the entrance of the on-ramp and carefully got back on the back-road. There were other cars near me who continued on the on-ramp to ‘get in line’ with the stopped cars. Seriously? Not me! I decided to take another back road and keep moving. I was NOT participating in that version of follow the leader. No way, no how. I had places to go and people to see. I wasn’t scared to take an unfamiliar path. I would find a way to get to where I was going. Why waste all of that time stagnate?

Do you follow people who are at a standstill? The boring? Uninspiring? I’d rather take a path that is inspiring and interesting. A path that is moving in the direction where I want to be. The people you follow in life and on social media will tell you a lot about yourself. Time for a self-evaluation.

Be a leader and make a new path. Step up and set a precedents that others would want to follow. It may not be a “beaten path” till you get there. YOU need to be YOURSELF and YOU create YOUR journey- no one else! YOU are responsible for getting to your destination. You are unique, so do something unique. Don’t live your journey the way someone else wants you to. What is it that YOU want?

The most important thing to remember, is that you know WHERE and WHO you are from the start. Then you must decide WHERE and WHO YOU want to be. You’ll never get to where you want to be unless you start the road-trip, so get moving! Don’t be afraid to take a new path to get there. And by all means, have fun on the way! Life is too short to reach your destination in any other way!12814665_168660756852423_9015663242563794383_n


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