Build It And They Will Come!

The renovation continues on 3/12/16 with sanding of the end cap and priming of the walls.  The endcap is the upper portion of the back of the Airstream and is made of hard plastic coated with paint that is tremendously hard to remove- except where it is flaking off of course. Before I refresh it with spray paint (made for plastic), the old paint needs to be removed.  I first tried an orbital sander (various grit) and then with various paint thinners.  The paint thinners that work on the paint, also eat through plastic, so that creates another problem.   This is just going to take time.  Persistence!

My sister joined me for a few hours and helped get primer on the vinyl walls.  Having such clean walls made the world of difference!  I used Kilz Interior Oil Base Primer/Sealer/Stainblocker for the walls. It’s tinted with the same light grey color I have picked out for the paint.

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While working away at the dust and dirt and grime, someone showed up for more information about essential oils.  They wanted my business card. I went to the car to dig out information and decided to go ahead and show them a starter kit.  SALE in the books!  In the midst of working on my dream to make this the Oily Shack- a mobile unit to tell the world about my wonderful essential oils, God sends me confirmation!

After a long hard day, I was so thankful for a hot shower.  It only took 3 shampoo’s to get the paint flakes out of my hair.  If I only had used the bandanna differently!  I will know for next time…and there will be a next time.  Only half way through sanding that blasted endcap!


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