Envision the Dream (03.08.2016)

On March 8th, 2016, my sister texted me and asked if I wanted to go to lunch.  Somewhere during the course of the hour, I told her how I had a dream to get back to working on Sterling (my Airstream).  I wanted to take it on the road and educate people about the goodness of essential oils.  I wanted to get out of the cubicle day job.  It was like a burning down deep inside me.  I had to tell someone!

Before I know it, we are talking about all of the neat things we could implement in the new and upcoming Oily Shack.  What color scheme to use, how to display the oil bottles, what comfy chairs we could use, and so forth.

Before dropping me back off at my office, we sat in her car trying to wrap up the conversation.  I’m not sure what all I said, but I remember clearly what she kept repeating to me….”that’s just an excuse”.  Over and over and over, “that’s just an excuse”.  She was right.  I had to stop with the excuses and work for my dream.  I was done with the EX’s….the excuses.


After getting back to the office, my sister messages me and tells me that she was diffusing an oil blend in her car while we were at lunch.  The oil blend is called “Envision”.  WOW, just wow!  030816

The rest of the day, I received all kind of Pinterest alerts.  My dream spilled over into my sisters creativity.

Read here about how I acquired my vintage trailer!


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