Getting Hitched

After towing the 31′ SHIP home from Trussville, AL, I decided that I should really look into getting a towing hitch.

I started my research to find that there are MANY options.  The more I read, the more confused I became on what would be the best option.  I ended up reaching out to a long-time high school friend who I knew traveled frequently with an RV.  After his suggestions, I narrowed down my choices and purchased the Equal-i-zer 90001000 Equalizer Hitch.  With Amazon Prime, I could get shipping for free.  My total cost was $503.40.

Once the hitch arrived (and it is so heavy), it took a small army to figure out how to install it.  I had watched several YouTube videos and they make it look so simple.  I was in charge of reading the instructions, while my dad and husband installed the hitch.

Why is this so hard?  How in the world will I do this on a regular basis to travel?  Why do we have so many tools pulled out of the shop to get this installed?  Why didn’t I just pay extra to have this installed?

Live and learn!

After installing and removing it several times, we found out that minor adjustments makes a huge impact.  WHEW!  I hope everything I do in this project is NOT this hard!



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