Take That Jack!

To get Sterling to his new home a few days ago, it was quite a feat to get the jack up.  The electric jack was probably a really nice feature years ago, but now that the wires are no longer connected, it’s a big aggravation.  Broken components required some ingenuity to figure out how to wind it up, freeing it for travel.

I had arrived with no intentions of towing it home the day I laid eyes on it, so I had no ball or hitch.  Luckily, the gentleman selling it called a friend and found a ball and hitch that we could use for the day.

Time for my own.  I went to Tractor Supply in Bessemer, AL and bought my very first hitch ball, mount, and a new trailer jack.  Total cost was $65.68.

I propped the frame up on cinder blocks and started to remove the old jack.  Here comes my dad.  He lives next door and Sterling is parked between our houses.  Once he saw a little work being done, he had to get involved…or rather be nosy.  He helped me get the new jack installed.

First steps!



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